Hello Bing

Angel Investment Needed”

As known angel investment is a good resources for business starter, people said it is a must for starting but, other’s is good for discussion only. Named angel is something that always floating, flying on dreaming, it is hard to attending business meeting while player get sleeping.

Angel never show up, all of things arranged then by a Business Arranger which always starting by saying Hello I’m OmBing!, smiling all the time, coming on time with fully visas papers, completed with Timesheet and No limit for completion. Too many forms should be provided, signing this scanning those, finally money arrived when all those papers sold out. Named is angel making money. How to find a real angel investment never ending, that’s why the title stated clearly ‘Angel Investment Needed’.

As known angel investment is good for beginner, especially for a new comer growth on internet dot system. Online day to day, business hours plus overtime spent on surfing, searching focusing on investment, investor, angel and related things. Any resources mostly used to fill-in forms, so many forms, named is dealing with the angel. To creating business profile, to providing business mission, even for doing copy paste for the business vision – got from nowhere, for the preparation business targeting. Strongly speaking we are fully in business right now, let’s do the right thing it is a beginning.

At last, the beginner has been fully experienced, realized when all forms filled-in and submitted. Strongly said that the angel met when sitting, working completion the visas papers. Now the angel sending back into the dreaming to earn money when get sleeping. Said then slowly, no sleeping, time now for running before billings coming draining.

As known angel investment is good for getting traffics, good to creating back-links or to become the points of discussion especially for the beginners. Question is, where is the address of that dreaming? Where should to go to find the angel? That will never ending, that’s why the title ended by BingOmBing “Angel Investment Needed”.

A A A A A!  Now I am sure you are real, an angel!

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