Hello Competitor


A friend mailed for saying: “hey, please pay attention for your Post esp. the related articles, why you attach the articles of your competitors?” I got shocked for a while, smiling I then replied: because I could not give them the ‘D’ as I only have the ‘O’- the ‘O’ of mine and, it will only useful if they could use it to open another, the ‘O’ of theirs and grabbing the ‘D’ of theirs!’”.

I am sure you also agree, nothing wrong with that but people focusing their intentions mostly for refusing its purposes. Basically you need competitors, likely a blood for your business. Your competitors will keep pushing you to moving on, to keep expansion, to keep maintain R&D, to keep searching better solutions. You are lucky.

And your competitors will keep copying will keep dragging your potential resources named it innovations or creations etc. And you have thanking them. If not, then you should pay someone to be your competitor, pay someone to be your sparring partner, and pay ME to be a people to whom you could show your new car, your new girls, your new luxury house etc. Can you imagine it?

The competitor is a provider too and each providers keep feeding each other by eating them self each other, confuse? Good, that is the way of life built. That is the Time created for a history and, history repeating all the time, over and over. Should no one could arguing not even complaining as it could not be changed. And will never ending until you and I get healthy by drinking VeMMA  – the last one is a campaign of mine.

Do you have competitor? Find the better ones, if you say so then please loving them fairness, treat them well, you need them! It’s about your health, your family’s life, people you care and your financially freedom. Show them by having respect. Believe me your competitors will copy that too. Sound crazy? Yes you right! No matter to be crazy for doing the right things.

If you refuse, watch this: “History will be repeating sooner, it will turn and rolling you with all your crazy inside, because you are a person alive without competitor”.

Now, what about if you felt you have no competitor? I’ll say you this, “You are nothing without competitors”.

What about if you felt all people is your competitor? I’ll replying you by this “You are nothing for treating all people as your competitors”

What about if you felt only some people including your Dad, I’ll give you this, “You are nothing by treating your providers as your Competitors”. Did You Know What Mom’s Said, go check and read. See, there is a provider put you inside, does He a competitor?”

Confuse? Much better now, You get all the points. Tired? take your nutrition here http://greathotman.hpage.com click and leave your Flag ok and, I am not Your Dad, not even know him but the Mom’s. By the way do you remember what the number is? Go back and see and be nice OK!

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