Hello Dreamers

Lucid Dreaming Cover Thumb

Lucid Dreaming Cover Thumb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Here, I will take you somewhere, deeply – inside, into a place that you never met, I’ll show you how you still alive after sleeping for hours”. Do You Alive?


 Watch your blood. I will take you nowhere, show you how you still alive after sleeping for hours. Prove you are a dreamer and always be for the rest of your life. How? Let me help you by saying this, save your health to save people you care they will serve you to the end. Do you know what I am talking about? Lucky You!

As commonly in persons hard accepting you are a dreamer. Hard for knowing you are working in dreaming. You are walking while sleeping, doing so many things while dreaming. Creating your viewings, designing it to be riel truly things.

What the Heck? Is your right for continue. Confuse? I’ll say this, a reminding; “it is only confused feeding all human life entirely, each of generations”. Confuse build imaginations, writing born after, continuing with the reading and speaking. While you in dreaming, working begun! Collecting any of things, named, “the designing of yours is under constructing”. That is!!

You know what? It is a biggest mystery, a biggest secret. You need sleeping grabbing your own dreaming, working then in it to realize things. Prove it! You need space for the thinking to be built. When timing starting learning ‘How If?’ Next, the writing and the speaking will be combined. Reporting together, compiled in your dreaming. It is a real dreaming that I am talking about.

The dreaming doing collecting likely zip-file on your C-drive, that’s why you were not dying while walking in sleeping. That’s why you were not dye while working in dreaming. That’s why when wake up you are fresh. O..o!! Your blood pressures will disturb. Please don’t get sleeping while working, go somewhere, buy a dreaming. Take nutrition for a fresh wake up.

For your own good, keep tightly, a secret not for watching. Do not pay someone shooting you in sleeping to tape your dreaming. Don’t do that! Let me tell you this. How smarter you are will never prove. People smiling asking ‘what working?’ and screaming ‘what, dying?’ Do not push your luck. Once 911 get called you are packaging. Do you smarter?

Here: “Have been for years, when you’re still in processing drilling nowhere, it was proofing that ‘smarter created by the dreamer’ and will always be”. Question is! How dreamers? Why smarter? Simply, dreamers make people going smarter and mostly smarter make confuse. Confuse create expatriates, manager and user printed then nowhere. Doing things answering with what now called as “Internet”, “Marketing”, “Nutrition”, “Keyword”, “Traffic”, “Backlink”, “Deep Link”, “Link Exchange”, “One Way Link”, “Search Engine Optimum”, etc.

Confuse is Manageable and, ‘it is only manageable things feeding entirely for alive, and it was accepting and booked’. The wordings speaking clearly report itself by a reading. No arguing! Simply! No, it is not as simply as you think. Start over.

Later on I’ll take you somewhere, into a worries day that you avoid during your whole life. A day when people you care pick you up to the end. See, “everything starting by a dreamer” Now you know I am a dreamer!! You are smiling and worries!

Do your best, here: http://greathotman.hpage.com keep health! It is another stupidu-pidu-bidu of mine. Now, I could smelt your spirit!

You Are a Dreamer!

Sleeping above the stars

Sleeping above the stars (Photo credit: the_tahoe_guy)


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