Hello Goal

“A very old book stated clearly, far before you exist, far before you borne and far before today you do have a goal.  Did you have a goal?”

"Telling the Truth by Doing" - Yoli-Packets-300x196

“Telling the Truth by Doing” – Yoli-Packets-300×196

Hello Goal

Goal as per wiki is “….. Go get wiki make a click, just click find yours – all in there.

An old book stated, far before you and I existing, far before you and I borne and far before today you do have a goal. What goal do you have? See, there are many reasons floating inside stopping me to details you about. But, let me starting by saying you this, when you are in processing drilling somewhere you do had your own goal. Any part of yours existed caused by reason each of yours contained goal and reason. Let’s then agreed to say the passed is a past and today is the tenth days in January of thirteenth, what I am talking is, there is a reason floating around hence each of you keep staying alive up until today. There is a reason for each of you keeping in-touch up until now on. Whether right or not the alive stated its reason clearly proven it is a truth. It is your right to refuse, named is an excess – what to be done!! For knowing this you should running out of box or you lost inside.

Let me upgrading you, mostly people recognize a goal is similarly with a target, others said a final target. It is ok for saying agree, even for saying it is a main target and or treated them as similarly things. It is ok, even though every Coach entirely the world will never agree because a target never counted but the goal is. In their world, there is medal given to the team, bonus providing to the coach, trophy delivery to the player and a shit given for the goal keeper of another’s. Each of them having their own reasons so let them having their own living. It is useful for your own pocket at least prove the world that you do have a wallet inside. For knowing this you should running out of box in three different stages at a time or sure you do lost inside – far and far.

There is a stage in where we agreed for saying a goal is a target but then facing a stage for saying it is a reason or saying then they are similarly. Finally we have three at its stage. At the next stage – for our real needs, we will refuse those three because we do all having our different goals – each of us. See, as soon as goal reached no winner need reason. Because reason will only belong to the looser or to people who could not reached their own. But, each target, whether reached or not will always contains reasons. Do you get the point? I doubt it! No, you don’t!

Again, let me show you another. As known we did agree for the passed is a past so it should not be a matter for saying when the Mom working together with her provider drilling you nowhere they both have no goal – at that stage. But they do have reasons for doing – each of them. Hey… do not arguing! Let me finish, it is about you with your very own yours, be nice and keep reading – to end. Months after, they both agreed for a thing, agreed by reasons named a clarification, end result is of a ‘goal’. Years after, goal stated clearly, updated carefully under viral basis. For years they both struggle to keep the line tightly to ensure that you will never out of track. It is you then with some reasons taken from internet changed the goal named it an adjustment. The mom and dad for their own reason saying you their agreed for changes – as needed. Up to this stage the goal owner change to become yours – it is your very own goal, the Mom and Dad having a target – starting degradation.

Not much longer when you starting facing your own living you then get pushed to change your very own goal to become having a target only. Up to this stage, the Mom and Dad facing again their degradation season and for their own good saying to their own self – each of them, whether goal or target or even reason they are similarly now, as those three will be ended to a things named the excess, at it’s finally. I have to say, that you already really lost inside – deeply inside, you have my sorry for that and please save it safely.
By the way, do you have a goal? I doubt it! Do you have a target? I doubt it! Do you have a reason? I doubt it! So what exactly do you have? It is your right for choosing. See, I have them all and for some reasons I now shares them for you to know.  Can you get the point? Yes you can, you do! Anyway it is not my goal not even my target since I have no reason for that. It is a reminding – just like that, simply. Let me show you one different thing, read slowly push your back hardly let’s get out of box, find out what exactly the point is.

I’ll say you this, when struggling is not easy to seek out help needed. Felt like we should able to figure out things on our own. When finally ask for helping always wish to do it sooner, there is a thing inside pushing our belief, remind that there are people out there having intention and more than willing providing assistance needed to overcome whatever hurdle we are facing. Likely a FAQ page created to smooth out the road ahead reminding us never hold back from asking for help, ever again – it is all right here!. See, it is more simply than above. Now, can you get the point? I doubt it! Do you confuse? Yes, you do. The same thing will happen when you ask your own self by a saying: ‘do I have a goal – any goal?’ Let me tell you this, in at a normally living, nobody ever have a goal not even a target, as it was created suddenly, simultaneously by reason needed, each of them will show-up clearly depending on what environment you staying, depending on what stage you have. Can you get the point? Yes you do, easier now.

Now let’s start publishing your self as a new provider, as each provider will need another to feeding then eating them back at the same time – simultaneously. Is it a Goal? Much easier now, keep health to safe your life and people you care. Is it another? Good, avoid malnutrition get your body health to the next stage’s goal. Great, for having one, you have to be a member of a free membership basis click here http://greathotman.hpage.com it will send you into the best thing you ever found during your whole life, value your self. Or…, do not bother your self, just make a copy, like everybody else, paste and dragging then named it doing by reason. Once happened added with a couple of targets it will turn out to become a Goal – a goal of yours, automatically. You are lucky, do not worries I will tell the Mom and Dad, might be that is your stage for now on – for survival. Is it wrong? Not at all you do your best, keep doing and keep going hope it will working properly.
Is it work? I doubt it!
Let me find you a little help, “Hello goal, are you there?

Own Goal

Own Goal (Photo credit: das kine)

“It is another stupidu_pidu_bidu of mine”

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