Hello Beginner

“Likely a kid starting learning the bike, God and Ghost site by site behind. Both will be rivaling each other proofing him self better than another, keep going, smiling and focused”

Hello Beginner

An old saying, as long as beginners keep coming involving any business will keep running. What exactly the beginner is? Go see Wikipedia for a correctly definition. As known, beginner exist in any field of human life, in internet marketing a beginner status is a title for a newcomer who just entering into a paying field, simply.

Basically each marketer is a beginner if keep using selling page. In practice, by receiving $1 to $2 acting then likely knew everything, named confident. Easier to find, usually starting with a commonly wordings by saying too many ‘Do’ and so many ‘Don’t’ completed with no explanations.

Strongly suggested, just prepare for things by providing a thing – learning things while start running. Finally ‘be your own self’ focusing on thing – why you involving. If you like to be an affiliate system starting by that, ask Google to find out. If you like to be a membership of any group follow the rules. And do not surprise if you then knew everything in days, you are growing.

Likely a kid starting learning the bike, God and Ghost site by site behind. Both will be rivaling each other proofing him self better than another, keep going, smiling and focused. You will be success sooner.

If you need thousand followers just mail me – free, if you need selling page just wait, thousands will be drained into your Inbox, in days. Keep open mind, always ask Google to find things and ask your own self to ensure things. And watch your card!

If your list less than 1.000 manually typing your campaign, easier and faster by copy paste and dragging, if more, pay Auto Responder. For you to note Auto Responder is not good for campaign, it is only good for sending. If you believe this, make simply ask your Mom to typing it will cost you $5/month – amphetamine.

If using Auto Responder, ensure you have the right ones, starting free, pay the cheaper ones. If top marketers using ‘A-type’ go get the ‘G-type’. If you treated your self better than top marketers go get the ‘M’ type. Anyway, there is no top marketer in marketing environment out of The Publisher – the ones who running the auto responder.

Main reasons for using Auto Responder is to avoid spamming, because the URL of its company has been known by the system. You could reach this by using paid mailing system. 2ndly, you got assisted by Auto Responder telling you keywords. You reach this by copy paste dragging. Doing without knowing is typically of smarter people – genuinely. 3rd, you have statistics for rates and click rates, to check campaign opened, tracking and interesting features. It is useful if you have much time. 4th, all your list will maintain by the auto responder. Again, if you ask your Mom it will cost you more – amphetamine. Strongly suggested, much better for you starting by doing since you get nothing if only reading and learning things.

During your whole life beginner status of yours will be only 3X firstly, when you start your bike, secondly when you start internet marketing, third is your latest day – the latest ones. It is a day that you will pay anything to avoid. Later on I will take you inside – deeply inside.

Now start doing the second!

+& Keep health to save your family life and people you care.


+& Keep confuse for your own good.


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