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This Blog is my second blog at wordpress dot com, a page created by my self for me could writing anything about a nutrition product contains Vitamins, Essential, Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe named VeMMA.

VeMMA is real business, an online business, a multi level marketing bases for its membership system and offline bases for direct selling it’s products. Online system centralized bases arranged directly by VeMMA Board – through autoresponder system at http://www.vbuildernow.com.  Offline system arranged regionally – Indonesia regional by a Country Manager home base Jakarta.

As a multi level marketing bases each VeMMA memberships treated as a Brand Partner of the product, a free website given to each member by the Board to build their own BP business. Practically most of members use a specific landing page as additional for each members grabbing their down line candidates. Each members could use any tools available to build their down line system. For selling purposes each members free to use any resources available as they could selling the product as much as they could.

As known, nutrition contains vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen and aloe named VeMMA is a need for our health and the result is a need for our financially freedom as well. Safe your body health will safe your family’s life. Keep drink VeMMA for your health and keep Selling for your financially freedom is exciting. It is about “H” and “D” I wrote you about weeks ago. I am sure you do exciting too as it’s should no one could standing for arguing not even for complaining about.

As a new member of VeMMA I should try my best providing you


mangosteens (Photo credit: Bob Richmond)

simply explanation about VeMMA membership. Simply, there are two types of membership, first is pre-enroller (PE) you have nothing to pay grabbing this status. I even could saying you that you get a lots of things but no pay. Second is, paid member (PM) status, by some pennies you get health and will rich sooner. Believe me, it is a truth – “Did You Know What Mom’s Said?” I wrote you that weeks ago, it is about Respect each Other.

Anyway, due to my limitation it is hard for me to details you more while you are not registered yet hence Join Us and taste the different. Safe your health to safe your life and your family’s.

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