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343_travel_to_bali_2_homepage_imageB_IBWkJjIHVRiKj-YdWpwQ-mithologyToday, Wednesday dated 12-12-12 is the latest day in your very first 100Years. Enjoy…it!

 “100 YEARS TO GO”

Today is the latest day in your very first 100 years, day like will only show-up again on next 100 years to go – without you. Yes, without you. You are not alive anymore! You have away floating inside nowhere flying your dreaming. You are a footnote of an Era, you have booked well. Lucky you! Do your best, it is a day to remember. Do you have another? I don’t think so!!! Starting from your health make it one, save your family life, save people you care, just one and loving them. They serve you until your promised land. Lucky you! I do not know you, but you deserve for treated well, do it! Be nice, to your health.

Have you do, that? See, it is not easy to writing you about, especially in a day like today. Likely, challenging entirely the world with billions alive plus billions challengers. Can you imagine it? But, to reminding for doing well is a must. You are so lucky having so much time. Print this out take to your ‘D’ or ‘Medium’ ask him or her whether or not this is a truth. It is about today, Wednesday dated ‘12-12-12’ booked well by history will show-up again 100 years to go. You are not here anymore, neither they are! You are a part of history. Is it a truth?

Let me saying this, before today you already met the 1-1-1 (Year 2001) 2-2-2 (Year 2002) 3-3-3 (Year 2003) etc and today 12-12-12 deserved to be remembered. It is a day that you never met again for the rest of your life.

Can I continue? See, it is a big secret in your live and you do not care – perhaps, and people also forgot for telling you. Again to reminding; “History stated clearly the whole worldwide living has been running well for 2012 years old up until Today. Recorded well, that, “100 years a go when you’re in processing drilling somewhere, it was prove that ‘one hundred years start counting from one up until a hundred and the twelve months in a year will starting from one to twelve”. They both created each other and erasing each other, that’s the way of the history for running well. Simply!

Later on I’ll writing how remaining day of yours – the latest one! The one that you will always avoided during your whole life. See, “a reminding” now you know! What saying you? Let’s doing better! Create one to remembering that you also cared the 12-12-12. Do it here: http://greathotman.hpage.com it is another stupidu-pidu-bidu of mine. Smarter people having the 24/7/365 equal zero and none! Make it better, a sweet memory of the latest day on your very first 100 years. You then will be founded after. Now, I am hearing you say “Hey, I’ve got it!!” Good, start yours by saying this, slowly, ‘stupidu-pidu-bidu’.

Bravo You Are Remembered!

“Dedicated to the ‘12-12-12’”
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Other Reminding:

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