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“Smarter Can’t Do Wrong”

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The world has been running well for two thousand and twelve years old up until today. So many things happened, from the bad to the worst, from the good things to the excellent up to miracle things, all for its better, prove well by history. The history did its parts recorded everything, repeating time to time in so many different colors and billions circumstances. From religiously site, everything recorded as per theirs, for scientist booked as per its goal and purposes. Millions recordings against each other and billions are supporting. That is the way of live in where we living. Simply, each party booked each parts for each own benefits. Luckily, those views accepting as its like, clearly booked into a Book of Live. Next, the great Time will prove whether recording has been booked correctly, proofing through its players which is created during playing time. Player is a provider.

And, this page wrote and delivery for you to reading, and should not use for that purposes but, it is for some things behind. Bigger than what people could imagined. Here, use your imagination, read slowly to end;

Some people having views that they are alive, their live going better because they keep going and keep doing better things under highly skilled bases. Everything on their live based on hi-tech, hi-educated and some hi-highly things. They are Expatriates.

Others maintain their huge though, stated clearly the world, better live caused by this plus that, continue with, added then revise here checking there, modify and finally, here we are!! Copy paste and drags are well done. Living in the middle of nicely changes, said then everything going better caused by having good ability to manage so many different loyalties, plus so many different hi-tech. As per theirs, there are billions people get feeding, happiness, having good life because their ways. Everything should be manageable. They are Managers.

Others, they are bigger than the others but, having a simply though, stated that their live much better caused by having a good understanding about live and how the living is. Everything based on payee, as long as get paid and get feeding named holy. They are holy people – called Users.

The Expatriate treated them self well, growth as White Worker, wearing white jacket covering up black clothes inside. The Manager much nicely, as Black Worker wearing black jacket covering up various colors clothes plus white collar inside. The Users are always holy completed with their ‘stupidu-pidu-bidu’, born as Blue Worker deserved wearing blue jacket plus blue jeans challenging blue sky everywhere. Screaming anywhere, the Sky is the limit”.

Basically, those three are working together, eating and feeding them self each other, no matter how good their parts are, finally they are claiming each other – Who the better? They do know well each other, but good things will only giving for their own benefits. If get asked for doing to another it should be paid in advance. They treating fairness live in at a fairness living.

Practically, they all different each others and for so many reason they all agree for a thing named, ‘Time is Money’ but none of them care what the Time is out of twenty four hours. As agreed the Time is twenty four hours bases – no arguing. The 24/1 treated fairness, eight hours for normally working, eight hours for doing things including walking, another for sleeping including ‘F’ + fighting. The 24/7 treated five for working, one for things, the remaining is for praying. Out of that there is a thing to be paid. Counts fairness as they all staying in at a fairness living. The 24/1, 24/7 and 24/7/365 is standard. They are Smarter People.

Those three types called the Smarter. No matter how smarter they are, and how far they could go finally, they all ended at followers of the others and following to another. Luckily they almost have no mistaken, as long as things booked clearly mistaken is not matters, let’s there prove then by the players. Players are fairness.

Various things are standardized, even some need ‘certified’ it is OK, all for its better, and theirs views about changes on live is smarter too. As per theirs, now the knowledge the technology even, the dream-waver the abilities and the loyalties are manageable! Everything is under control. It is a Key.

There is a gray clouding growing-up together living between them in at a living fairness too, is of: “How Smarter You Are?” It is something that you never proofing, taboo! Something that you should not arguing not even complaining. Do you know why? Because nobody could understand what the point is. Things related with, has been packaging into a ‘testimonial’. Simply, let’s the wordings speaking, do not bother your self for a reading. It was signed by the senders and there is a flag inside.

Secondly, “How Better You Are?” It is something that you should not prove, it is sarcasm. How clever you? is something that should be avoided. Do you know why? Because everybody get confuse how to answer, mostly people like easier things. All things now are depending on ‘popularly’. Easier, let’s counting, just click! See, all in there. Millions clicks by millions visitors meaning is visited by millions people.

Impossible! Millions people can’t do wrong!!” What saying you? You are smarter too! See, everything is manageable! Can You See What behind?
You do!! to ensure, start over. Now I see you are smiling, good! Maintain your views and back-up your C as it will happen sooner. Believe it or not! It is a stupidu-pidu-bidu of mine. Next on, ‘Dreamer creating Smarter” will deliver to you.

Easier now, you could writing too, doubt?? Understanding, your pressure disturbing you, here Your Anti Oxidant: http://greathotman.hpage.com Save to your cells, easier!

Drink it regularly and writing in hurry, worries? Wait for hours, after your nutrition write this ‘men-tul-lul-lul-lul-lul’ or anything! Nobody care, people are busy, sitting on top of their own writing. Wow, your blood again please checking to ensure OK, lets the pressure loving it treating well give your best Nutrition, they deserved for. It is another stupidu-pidu-bidu of mine. Do You Have One?
Smarter have twenty four but divided by seven then 365, and nothing left!

About Hotman Sihombing

Indonesian, 47Y married + 3 princess. Living in East Jakarta. various Graduated and various skill experiences, a Business Arranger for the last four teen years, always search the New Things. Do you New? if so please put me in loops I then will be there quite on time. Time for writing any of things even for nothing much better than watching!.
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